The Destination:
Balabac is a second-class municipality located at the southern end of Palawan. This group of islands boasts pristine beaches, flawless sandbars, gorgeous reefs, and picturesque rock formations. It is truly the last of the last frontiers.

Angela Sandbar near Mansalangan 
Drone Photo by Nok Sarinas
Drone Photo by Nok Sarinas
Ocean's Eleven - KilometerZeroPH's Maiden Balabac Voyage
March 2015 – Ocean’s Eleven – KilometerZeroPH’s Maiden Balabac Voyage

This adventure is not for everyone.
This is for those who enjoy the raw beauty of nature and don’t mind inconveniences.
Do not go to Balabac if you are looking for 5-star accommodations because we only have a billion-star view at night from our glamping tents.